Cable Master - Cable TV Channel Software

Local Cable TV Channel Solution

Description :

Cable Master is a Entry Level digital video player for cable TV operators. With Cable Master you need not worry about faulty VCRs', VHS tapes, VCD Players or even the staff running your Cable Channel. All you have got to do is load movies, songs, ads, promos for days on the computer, set the sequence and let Cable Master do the rest. Cable Master will play your movies, Cable along with advertisements. What's more it also displays ad crawlers at the bottom of the screen. So you need not invest in additional titlers and overlay boxes.

Cable Master Features :

  • Easy Song List Making
  • Easy Song Play Time Configuration
  • Song Null Link Finder
  • Song Again Run Protection
  • Easy Scroll Ads Updation
  • Scroll Ads With Flash Support
  • 2 Extra Ads Support With Scroll Ads
  • Video Ads
  • 2 Channel Logos
  • 2 Sponsors Logos (Time Based)
  • SMS on Demand
  • Dial a Song Using mobile Phone
  • Support Both SMS and Dial Song Selection
  • Songs Preview During Software Running
  • Load and Scroll Ads Hide During Video Ads
  • Custom Screen Settings
  • Song Current and Next Updation on Screen
  • Simple & Easy User Interface
  • Download features List For Full Details

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor : Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or higher.
  • Memory : 2-GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk Drive : As per Your Choice Or Channel Requirements.
  • Video Card : Any ATI Radeon AGP or PCIx Graphics Card With TV-Output.
  • Sound Card : Any 64 bit PCI card or Onboard.
  • Video In : DANY T.VIEW Tv-Tuner Card With SA713x Chip.