Cable Munsi - Cable TV Billing Software

Local Cable TV Billing Solution

Description :

Cable Munsi is a Entry Level Cable TV Billing Software for Local cable TV operators. With Cable Munsi you can Manage Customer Connection Details, Set-top-box Details.

Comming Soon :

  • Easy Song List Making
  • Easy Song Play Time Configuration
  • Song Null Link Finder
  • Song Again Run Protection
  • Easy Scroll Ads Updation
  • Scroll Ads With Flash Support
  • 2 Extra Ads Support With Scroll Ads
  • Video Ads
  • 2 Channel Logos
  • 2 Sponsors Logos (Time Based)
  • SMS on Demand
  • Dial a Song Using mobile Phone
  • Support Both SMS and Dial Song Selection
  • Songs Preview During Software Running
  • Load and Scroll Ads Hide During Video Ads
  • Custom Screen Settings
  • Song Current and Next Updation on Screen
  • Simple & Easy User Interface
  • Download features List For Full Details

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor : Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or higher.
  • Memory : 2-GB RAM.
  • Hard Disk Drive : As per Your Choice Or Channel Requirements.
  • Video Card : Any ATI Radeon AGP or PCIx Graphics Card With TV-Output.
  • Sound Card : Any 64 bit PCI card or Onboard.
  • Video In : DANY T.VIEW Tv-Tuner Card With SA713x Chip.